What is wonder and creativity today?

«A new result has value, if any, when, by establishing connections between elements that are known but until then dispersed and apparently unrelated to one another, order is immediately created where chaos seemed to reign […] Inventing consists exclusively in constructing not useless combinations but useful ones, which are a distinct minority. Inventing means discerning, choosing […] among all the combinations that can be made, with the most fertile being those formed by elements drawn from distantly related fields. This is not to say that in order to invent, one need only put together the most unrelated objects, for the majority of such combinations would be utterly sterile. But some of them, though rare, will be the most fertile of all».
[Henry Poincaré, Science and Method, Chapter 3, Mathematical Discovery, 1914, pp.58]

"Perhaps the most deeply hidden motive of the person who collects can be described this way: he takes up the struggle against dispersion. Right from the start, the great collector is struck by the confusion, by the scatter, in which the things of the world are found (…) The collector brings together what belongs together; by keeping in mind their affinities and their succession in time, he can eventually furnish information about his objects:"
(Walter Benjamin)

Our passion consists of two stages, first, picking of random combinations of data, then followed by selection and critical evaluation. TAUMAZO is a collection of inspiring and creative gems. Cause we are listening to the hunger for order in this data mess we’re living in. This collection is daily increased by contemporary art tracks. They usually disappear so quickly as they have born, everywhere except on TAUMAZO. Goal of our search, all around the web, is combine existing elements with new and useful connections. The challenge is open.

"Here’s the new art of the twenty-first century: the art of curating, the art of plucking all the good stuff from a superabundance of crap… Why should you view something that’s not great?"

(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

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